Water Gilding

Water gilding is the Rolls Royce of the gilding world. It is the pinnacle of this craft and produces the best results with the most longevity. It has many different stages that must be completed for the final finish, and each stage is a skill and craft in its own right. This section contains recipes for the different section, a project that demonstrates each of these and finally a photo section that showcases water gilding in a variety of formats.

It may be easier for you to have understood and practised the oil gilding section before moving on to the water gilding, as the experience will have helped to hone your skills before 'the big one'! However, don't let me put you off! There is nothing quite as relaxing as water gilding, with each process enabling relaxation, attention to detail and a great sense of achievement once the project has been completed.

Gilding Recipes

There are many different components that need to be made up to watergild. Here is where the recipes are found.


Small Frame

This project involves gilding a small frame. It uses all the watergilding techniques to create a solid gold finish.


Photo Section

Here is a selection of water gilding photos for you to look at. Each one is accompanied by a brief description.