Gilding Basics

Okay, so let’s have a look at some gilding basics. Just a quick note. The main sections are found above, and just hover on an area for a sub-menu. These menus contain many different areas that you can learn and explore from contained within the main topic. If you ever get lost, just click the main 'WATERGILD STUDIOS' title and it'll take you back to the homepage.

I have created a selection of basic projects for you to try at home within this website, with photographic step by step tuition to help you along the way. You can use any items that you want to gild from home, the processes are pretty much the same. However, this is only a basic guide. I am developing the website so that more advanced techniques will become available over the coming future.

These projects will give you an idea of what gilding is about and allow you to have a nice gentle introduction. If at any time you get a bit confused, just head back here to the basics section for information on recipes, tools and how to handle the leaf etc.

If you are new to gilding, I would suggest starting from the first box and working your way through them to get a reasonable grasp of the processes.


What is Gilding?

So what is gilding about? There are so many types of gilding, and many different names. Head here for some clarity about this beautiful craft!


Gilding History

Gilding has been around for at least 4000 years, and hasn't changed too much. Would you like to know a little more about the history of this ancient craft?


Gilders Tools

With so many tools available, and such a wide range of equipment, what is really needed? And where can you get them from?


Types of Leaf

It's not just gold-leaf that can be used. There's many different types of metal leaf available, in many colours.


Using Goldleaf

One of the first hurdles for a new gilder, is getting it out of the book and cut correctly into sectionson the pad.


Gilding Supplies

One of the main things I am asked by fellow enthusiasts is where I buy my supplies from. Find out here.