Gilding Class - Testimonials

I spent a couple of really enjoyable days with Richard learning specifically about glass gilding - Verre √©glomis√© - in the summer of 2016. He has so much knowledge and enthusiasm about his subject, it is hard to take it all in but I made notes, took photos and Richard assured me he would be happy to answer any emails if I ran into difficulty after the workshop was over. 

I found the process totally absorbing although I have had to reign in my tendency to lumber around like a carthorse - slow, gentle movements and a meditative approach is definitely what is required when handling gold leaf.

I wanted to learn about glass gilding to personalise photographs I had made and subsequently printed on glass. It is quite a complex undertaking and months and months of research online saw very little progress; hence my decision to find somebody who could offer me one to one tuition. It was money well spent. The work I have produced since learning from Richard has been very well received and I know I would still be thrashing around in the dark without his help.

An added bonus was the chance to look around a couple of the other artist’s studios within the complex. It would also be remiss of me not to mention the delicious curry that Richard served me up for lunch - a lovely surprise. When time allows, I would like to return to learn more about this fascinating art - not necessarily to use in conjunction with my photography, but just because it is such a satisfying thing to do.

Valda Bailey



I recently attended a one-to-one Verre Eglomise workshop with Richard Walker. He came highly recommended to me by the director of a company I’d been in touch with, and luckily for me he lived up to his reputation! He was a passionate teacher, great at imparting his knowledge (and particularly eloquent about gold and how it is formed) and excellent at communicating how to achieve the various effects I was interested in. He was encouraging, enthusiastic and motivational - it was clear he wanted me to get the most out of the day, and we carried on working well through the day. I was welcomed with a cup of coffee and lots of croissants, and we kept our energy levels up with an endless supply of Jelly Babies!!


The workshop was an introduction to Verre Eglomise, with (at my request!) a focus on the experimental and possibilities of this process.


Richard covered the various types of gold leaf available, how to gild the (white gold) leaf onto glass, the tools required etc. 

We produced a series of x 12 samples (on a large sheet of glass) incorporating different distressing techniques, and it was great to be able to take this home and show off my day’s efforts! As my interest  lay in exploring different effects (of products and textures on the gold leaf, we also experimented with other techniques, and these - to my delight - I was also able to take away with me.


I would say this course is suitable for anyone who wishes to familiarise themselves with the basics - as well as the possibilities - of verre Eglomise. You will come away excited, inspired and full of ideas! It is a beautiful and magical process and unexpectedly meditative! I would highly recommend!

Carol Fulton

02 December 2016