5 Day Masterclass

The Gilding Masterclass is a much more thorough introduction to gilding.  On this course, the students are invited to bring a piece of work that they are interested in working on.  The main skills of oil gilding, water gilding and glass gilding are still used, but are much more developed.  Further skills such as antiquing, staining and more are also looked at.

One of the major benefits of this class is that it really ensures a personal and thorough experience and delivery of precisely the areas that you wish to develop. 


OIL-GILDING: Learn how to apply gold leaf and other precious metals to a variety of surfaces. Several different surfaces are explored and a variety of leaf is used, including silver, white gold and 23.5 karat gold.

WATER-GILDING: You will personally make up ancient recipes, apply gesso and bole, and must ensure a flawless finish for the gold application.  Burnishing is fully developed and so is antiquing finishes and more, including Granito (incised or punched gesso) and Pastiglia (raised gesso) techniques.

GLASS-GILDING: For those who are interested some time can also be spent on Verre Eglomise or glass gilding.  You will be taught how to apply gold leaf to glass and manipulate it in different ways to produce different finishes.

charlie2thOnce again, a consultation about the desired outcome for the student will be made and the classes are fully tailored according to your needs.

I can also provide details of accommodation for those who travel.

For further information and costing, please contact me.