2 Day Taster Session

The 2-day Taster is an ideal introduction to the mystery and fascination of gilding! Whether you have a professional interest in gilding, would like to restore or renovate home items or just fancy developing a new skill, the water-gilding experience is guaranteed to provide fun and stimulation, whatever your age, background and interests.

Learn the processes developed over thousands of years and transform almost any surface into a precious metal. Gilding itself, has a long and interesting history that dates back to over 4,500 years ago with the Egyptians. Since then gilding has changed very little.

On this course you will learn:

OIL-GILDING Learn how to apply gold leaf and other precious metals to a variety of surfaces. Produce a copper gilded panel, that is tarnished and then finished with a design on top in a precious metal of your choice.

WATER-GILDING Learn the basics of water-gilding, the technique most commonly used to decorate picture frames and furniture. You will learn how to make up ancient recipes, apply gesso and bole, and then experience the application of gold itself upon the surface.

Using Stampth

Although Gold is the most commonly used metal in gilding, other precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium and silver can also be used. Lesser metals such as Copper, Bronze and Silver are frequently placed upon surfaces, such as picture frames and then tarnished to create a whole range of pleasing aesthetic effects.

I can also provide details of accommodation for those who travel.


The following is a template of the 2 day course, although all the courses are tailored after a client consultation.


09.00 Introduction
09.30 Tools and Materials
10.00 Making RSG and Gesso
11.00 Surface Preparation
11.15 Oil-gild Copper
12.30 Application of Gesso
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Application of Gesso
15.00 Oil-gild Variety of Metals
16.30 Tarnish Copper
17.00 End of Day



09.00 Water Polishing
10.00 Sand Gesso
10.30 Application of Bole
12.00 Place Design on Copper
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Oil-gild Design in Metal Choice
15.00 Water-gilding Gold-leaf
16.30 Burnishing Gold
17.00 End of Day