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Welcome to Watergild Studios!

The Internets premier online gilding tuition workshop. This site has been specifically created to teach and encourage the fine art of gilding, for participants of all levels. With the art of gilding entering an international decline, there has never been a better time to develop this prestigious skill, whether as a hobby, occasional sideline or a fully fledged business.

Louvre Ceiling thSo, let me introduce myself. My name is Richard and I live and work near the historic City of Portsmouth, situated on the south coast of England. I studied gilding at the University of Portsmouth and have now been gilding for over ten years. It was whilst studying this ancient craft that I discovered that there wasn’t a lot of information or guides on gilding on the internet and so it is now my passion to bring gilding to everyone! Oh, and virtually all pictures can be enlarged for detail. Just click on them!

The aims of this website is to give you the full gilding experience. 

Gilding Basics  If you are new to gilding, take a look at what gilding is all about.  Here you will find the history of gilding, how goldleaf is produced and what it means today.  Here you will also find an overview of what types of tools are needed  and tips on handling the goldleaf and other metals.

Oil Gilding gives an overview of the oil based  method of application.  It covers areas such as preparation, oil sizing, patterning, transfer and other interesting areas.

Glass Gilding will teach you how to apply leaf to glass.  Used in sign-writing and artistic quarters, this is a tricky yet very fun skill to master. 

Water Gilding is the crown of gilding.  The full monty so to speak.  Here you will learn about the true artisan style of gilding, how to make up the various recipes needed and instruction on  applying gesso, bole and the goldleaf to a variety of surfaces. 

Gilding Classes As well as the internet, I also run a WP_20140206_020full range of gilding courses in peaceful and relaxing venues. You’ll find a wide selection of professional gilding tuition services including water, oil and glass gilding. The classes themselves run from beginner through to experienced and also offer a wide range of different skill sets to learn from!  I am also able to travel, so if you and a few friends want to learn gilding together, I am able to come to you and teach directly. I also provide one on one instruction at your discretion. Just give me a call! All materials and tools are of course provided.

Photo Section provides a range of photos that show the different areas in which gilding can be accomplished. 

This website and all online classes has been designed as an honour system. That is to say, if you use the site and can afford to, please help to pay for the considerable costs involved by donating towards this site. However, if you cannot afford it, don’t worry! The site is free! I would really like to expand this site by developing streaming videos, classes and live support, so donations will really help me to do this. Thanks a lot.


We now have a STORE button that links with a reputable goldleaf supplier who has taken into account hobbyist gilders who don’t need a lot of gear!

I have now officially started the guide to gilding book!  I expect it to take about 6 months.  I will keep you posted.

Watergild Studios shall be holding a further selection of classes in the U.S.A. for the first time this Fall!













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